Water-Use Data for the Red River of the North Basin, North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota, 1979-2001

The Red River of the North, located in the north-central plains of the United States, plays an important role in population growth and economic development of the region. Because of recent and projected growth in population, industry, and agriculture in the Red River of the North Basin, alternatives to additional water resources will be needed to supplement future water needs. Past and current water-use data are needed to help select the most viable water-resource alternatives. Withdrawal and return flow data were collected from various sources throughout the Red River of the North Basin from 1979 through 2001. The withdrawal data were aggregated by subbasin, monthly totals, and water-use categories. The return flow data were aggregated by subbasin and monthly totals. The Red River of the North Basin was divided into subbasins based on locations of U.S. Geological Survey streamflow-gaging stations and by specifically-identified reaches. Results of the water-use compilation are provided in this report.
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