Lake Assessment Program 1997 - Lake Six with notes on Scalp Lake, Otter Tail County, Minnesota

Lake Six was sampled as a part of the Lake Assessment Program (LAP) in 1997 by staff from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and citizens from the Association. In addition, samples were collected in 1996 and 1998 by the Association in conjunction with the Otter Tail Coalition of Lake Association (COLA). Water Quality data collected during the 1997 study revealed a summer0mean TP concentration of 15.6 ug/L, a mean chlorophyll a concentration of 4.0 ug/L and a Secchi transparency of 12.25 feet at sit 101/203. These measurements indicates mesotrophic conditions for Lake Six although the TP and chlorophyll a measures for Lake Six are lower than the range of values exhibited by reference lakes in the NCHF ecoregion. Also, mean is between 41 and 44 for the three measures and the overall TSI mean is approximately 43. This indicates mesotrophic conditions for Lake Six.
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