Gazetteer of Meandered Lakes of Minnesota

The information on the meandered lakes of Minnesota· contained herein has been acquired through a number of sources, and has been gathered and compiled by the department staff over a period of many years. It should be kept in mind that these data are not the result of actual surveys or investigations on the ground. Rather, the information has been secured by a careful scrutiny of available published maps and records; through exchange of correspondence and personal interviews; and from misceilaneous information relative to our lakes which the department has acquired incident to the performance of its regular work. · These circumstances should be kept in mind and given due weight by those who have occasion to consult and use the information contained herein. The areas and locations by description· of governmental sub-divisions given are believed to be as accurate as such information can be made, without actual field investigations. The extent of each meandered lake has been taken from the original township plats prepared by the United States Land Office. The area of any lake is the sum of all full and fractional governmental sub-divisions located inside of the meander titles or within the lake, actually comptited, and is expressed in acres in the tabulation. Exception should be made in the case of a few lakes located on township or range lines where the shore line has been meandered within one township, but not in the other. Where this occurs, no attempt has been made to determine the area of the portion or portions located within the township where the shore lines have not been meandered.
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