Observations on Vermillion River Floodplain Lakes Water Quality: 1998 Data

The Vermillion River Floodplain Lakes have been studied intermittently by the MPCA and MDNR since 1995. Results from a 1995 MPCA survey were transmitted to the MDNR in a January 25, 1996 memorandum to Scott Johnson. In that memorandum it was evident that a more complete understanding of the hydrology of this system of lakes was needed to evaluate the relative contributions of water and nutrients from the Vermillion River and the Mississippi River to these lakes. To that end Scott Johnson established a new gauge location at the Etter Bridge immediately upstream from the lakes. Stage (flow) measurements at this site combined with stage (flow) on the Mississippi River at Prescott and upstream on the Vermillion River at Hastings provides an improved basis for estimating the amount of water and nutrients which enter the lakes from upstream sources and a basis for estimating the relative contributions of the Mississippi River and the Vermillion River.
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