Ground Water Hydrology of Swift County, Minnesota

The severe drought of the mid-70's demonstrated the need for development of water sources other than surface water. Since the drought there has been a dramatic increase in ground-water withdrawals from glacial drift aquifers statewide, including Swift County. A number of grotL~d-water studies that emphasize s~rficial outwash aquifers have been completed or are continuing in Swift County. It was the intent of this investigation to compile and interpret existing data on aquifers with emphasis on buried outwash so future water researchers can better pl an dril 1 ing or geophysical pro grams. Swift County was chosen for study because of the concentration of high capacity well use in buried aquifers, the increase in water-use conflicts, and the availability of hydrogeologic data. Test drilling and observation well installation accomp1 ished during the study were initiated in response to increased irrigation from ground-water sources and the need to expand the ground-water level monitoring network in the area. This report was compiled to complement existing publications on the ground-water resources of Swift County.
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