Baseline Water Quality of Minnesota's Principal Aquifer: Northeast Region

Ground Water Monitoring and Assessment Program (GWMAP) staff believe the enclosed report represents a comprehensive study of water quality in the principal aquifers of MPCA Region 1 in northeastern Minnesota. Information in this report, when used in conjunction with Baseline Water Quality of Minnesota's Principal Aquifers (MPCA, 1998a), can be used by water resource managers to identify baseline or background water quality conditions in areas or aquifers of concern, prioritize ground water problems, and assist in site decision-making, provided the limitations and assumptions outlined in the document are understood. Although data have been carefully analyzed, compiled, and reviewed independently, mistakes are inevitable with a data set this large. If mistakes are found in this report, please forward them to GWMAP staff. Errata sheets will be prepared as needed. The report is divided into four parts. Part I briefly summarizes sample design and collection. Part II briefly describes analysis methods. Results and discussion are provided in Part III. Part IV includes a summary of results and recommendations.
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