Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment of Select Metropolitan Area Streams INTRODUCTION AND METHODOLOGIES

The Comprehensive Assessment of Select Metropolitan Area Streams is the first major study conducted by the Metropolitan Council that examines the historical water quality of the 21 streams and stream segments monitored by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES). The study provides a base of technical information that can support sound decisions about water resources in the metro area − decisions by the Council, state agencies, watershed districts, conservation districts, and county and city governments. An enormous quantity of data has been collected from the streams, including solids, nutrients, chlorophyll, chloride, metals, macroinvertebrates, oxygen demand, bacteria, conductivity, temperature, ions (including hardness, sulfate, and alkalinity), and total organic carbon. The study covers approximately 23 years of historical monitoring data (for the longest-term monitoring stations) of 21 streams or stream segments discharging to the three major rivers within the metropolitan area.
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