Analysis of the Litchfield, Minnesota Well 2 (607420) Aquifer Test CONFINED QUATERNARY GLACIAL-FLUVIAL SAND AQUIFER

The test of Litchfield 2 was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Source Water Protection Unit as a small part of a long-term project that was led by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The overall purpose of the study was to assess the rates of groundwater recharge through low-conductivity glacial sediments (till) at various sites in Minnesota. Specific to Litchfield, nine observation wells were installed by the USGS in 2015. Water elevations were recorded on a one-hour interval in seven of these wells for approximately one-year. The USGS had completed its data collection and was preparing to seal the observation wells. Prior to sealing the wells, notification was provided to the partner agencies relative to the completion of the work. At that time, staff in the Source Water Protection Unit recognized that this configuration of observation wells is nearly ideal for conducting short-term constant-rate aquifer tests on Public Water Supply (PWS) wells so as to estimate vertical groundwater flow. Therefore prior to sealing the wells, MDH proposed to conduct tests that would complement the USGS data collection efforts.
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