Phase II GIS-based Sediment Quality Database for the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC): Comparison of Surficial Sediment Contamination in the St. Louis River AOC with Other Areas of Concern in the Great Lakes Basin and Other Areas Located Elsewhere in the United States

With the completion of the Phase II database, an opportunity exists to evaluate the distribution of surficial sediment contaminants within the St. Louis River AOC and to compare these results to the levels of contamination that have been measured at other AOCs in the Great Lakes basin, and in other areas located elsewhere in North America. A similar evaluation was conducted as part of the Phase I GIS-based sediment quality database (MacDonald et al. 2003). This memorandum presents the results of analyses that were conducted to facilitate such comparisons and, in so doing, to better understand the severity and potential effects of sediment contamination in the St. Louis River AOC.
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