Streamflow and Suspended-Sediment Transport in Garvin Brook, Winona County, Southeastern Minnesota- Hydrologic Data For 1982

Streamflow and suspended-sediment-transport data were collected in Garvin Brook watershed in Winona County, southeastern Minnesota, during 1982. The data collection was part of a study to determine the effectiveness of agricultural best-management practices designed to improve rural water quality. The study is part of a Rural Clean Water Program demonstration project undertaken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Continuous streamflow data were collected at three gaging stations during March through September 1982. Suspended-sediment samples were collected at two of the gaging stations. Samples were collected manually at weekly intervals. During periods of rapidly changing stage, samples were collected at 30-minute to 12-hour intervals by stage-activated automatic samplers. The samples were analyzed for suspended sediment concentration and particle-size distribution. Particlesize distributions were also determined for one set of bedmaterial samples collected at each sediment-sampling site. The streamflow and suspended-sediment-concentration data were used to compute records of mean-daily flow, mean-daily suspended-sediment concentration, and daily suspended-sediment discharge. The daily records are documented and results of analyses for particle-size distribution and of vertical sampling in the stream cross sections are given.
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