Water Resources Investigations of The U.S. Geological Survey in The Souris-Red Rivers Basin in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Information obtained on water resources by Federal and State agencies in the Souris-Red Rivers basin along the Canadian border in the midwestern United States is available for analysis to address flood, drought, and supply problems. It consists of streamflows, ground water measurements, and quality of water determinations. This summary contains locations of data sites; lists of current and past studies with titles, objectives, locations, and dates; and available water resources reports. Listed are 46 projects and investigations; 233 active and 145 inactive streamflow gages; 198 active and 252 inactive surface water quality sites; 457 active and 49 inactive ground water level observation wells, some of which are water quality sampling sites; and 252 reports. Four maps are included as an aid in locating the sites.
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