Changes in Flood Response of The Red River of The North Basin, North Dakota-Minnesota

The magnitude and frequency of large floods that have occurred in recent years in the basin of the Red River of the North have caused concern that land-use changes and manmade drainage have increased flooding. This study was undertaken to determine if any changes in flood response of the Red River basin can be documented. A review of the hydrologic setting, previous floods, flood-control measures, and probable effects of land-use changes shows that the flooding problem of the Red River basin is complex hydrologically, highly variable historically, and follows a regional pattern. Therefore, a change in flood response of the basin is difficult to identify. The flood-frequency, regression, normalized-hydrograph, and double-mass analyses show little indication of significant change in flood response of the Red River basin at locations on the main stem. However, the large variation in flood discharges may mask or dwarf small changes in response of the basin.
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