Invasive Species of Aquatic Plants and Wild Animals in Minnesota; Annual Report for 2015

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is pleased to submit the 2015 Invasive Species Annual Report to the governor, legislature and citizens of Minnesota. This report summarizes the prevention and management efforts we have pursued to contain and control invasive species of aquatic plants and wild animals in Minnesota. The first few chapters provide an overview of program activities, finances, and prevention and management efforts, followed by goals, highlights, partnerships, and future needs for individual program areas. Invasive species have the potential to cause serious problems in Minnesota. Evidence from numerous locations in North America, and from around the world, demonstrates that these nonnative species are a threat to the state's natural resources and local economies that depend on natural resources. To address the problems caused by invasive species, Minnesota Legislature directed the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to establish the Invasive Species Program in 1991. The program is tasked with preventing the spread of invasive species and managing invasive aquatic plants and wild animals (Minnesota Statutes 84D).
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