Stormwater Maintenance BMP Resource Guide

The use of stormwater treatment strategies, often referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs), has increased significantly due to new stormwater regulations. These regulations also require governmental units to develop a systematic approach for the documentation of BMP inspection and maintenance as BMPs require ongoing inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are achieving their desired treatment goals. The resource guide was created to supplement the MN Stormwater Manual in regards to local government inspection and maintenance activities associated with various BMP categories. It can be used as a tool by city staff and policy makers for evaluating various BMPs to install based on anticipated long-term maintenance requirements. This reference guide focuses primarily on BMPs that have been heavily used in Minnesota (Stormwater Ponds, Bioretention Basins, Underground Treatment Devices, Underground Detention, Infiltration) and concludes with a brief section covering BMPs that are newer to Minnesota and have been less commonly used to date (Sand/Media Filtration, Pervious Pavements, Tree Pits and Stormwater Planters). This section provides a description of the BMPs, a list of some Minnesota applications of the BMPs and resource documents for further exploration.
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