Small-Stream Flood Investigations in Minnesota October 1958 to September 1977

An investigation of flood flows from small drainage basins in Minnesota is being made to aid in the design of bridges, culverts and other highway drainage structures. Results of the investigation provide peak-flow data on streams generally with drainage areas less than 50 square miles, placing particular emphasis on those with drainage areas less than 10 square miles. Basin parameters being investigated for their effect on floods are drainage area, length of main stream, slope of main channel, basin altitude, forest cover, and storage area. All the 163 gaging stations included in the report are equipped with crest stage gages, and 10 stations are equipped to record stage and precipitation continuously. The relative magnitude of flood flows for different hydrologic regions is shown in graphs that relate maximum discharge to drainage area. Station records contain location, drainage area, records available, type of gage, on-site structure elevations, bankfull stage, and annual maximum stage and discharge data. The data form the basis for statewide flood frequency studies.
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