Duluth Urban Area Streams Total Maximum Daily Load

The Duluth Urban Area Streams TMDLs address a portion of the St. Louis River major watershed (Hydrologic Unit Code [HUC] 04010201) and a portion of the Lake Superior South Watershed (HUC 04010102), and includes all of the developed areas in the Duluth area and surrounding communities. Eleven stream TMDLs are provided, including seven Escherichia coli (E. coli) TMDLs and four total suspended solids (TSS) TMDLs. These TMDLs address aquatic recreation and aquatic life designated uses, respectively, and utilize real data collected in the watersheds and simulated data provided by a watershed model. The overall implementation strategy highlights an adaptive management process to achieving water quality standards and restoring beneficial uses. It is also important to note that all efforts will also benefit drinking water source improvements and protection for area residents and other users. Implementation strategies include stormwater management and reducing connected imperviousness, industrial wastewater management, addressing sources of untreated wastewater (e.g., failing septic systems, leaky wastewater infrastructure, lack of restrooms in strategic locations), streambank restoration and stabilization, buffers, conservation and protection practices, and pet and wildlife waste management. An adaptive management approach may adjust implementation methods and locations of treatment, but the TMDL targets that represent the water quality standards do not change. The implementation approach will change in response to the level of progress towards the TMDL target.
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