Lake Superior - South Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Report

2011, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) undertook an intensive watershed monitoring effort of surface waters within the Lake Superior - South Watershed. Fifty-eight stream stations were sampled for biology at the outlets of variable sized subwatersheds. Overall, water quality conditions are good and can be attributed to the forest and wetlands that dominate land cover within the Lake Superior - South Watershed. Problem areas do occur and persist throughout the watershed but are typically limited to the lower reaches where stressors from land use practices may accumulate. Impairments found within this watershed are likely a function of both natural and anthropogenic stressors. Historical and recent forest cover changes, along with urban/industrial development, draining of wetlands, and damming of streams are likely stressors affecting biological communities within the watershed. A number of streams with exceptional biological, chemical, and physical parameters are worthy of additional protections in order to preserve their valuable aquatic resources.
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