Phalen Chain of Lakes Strategic Lake Management Plan Improvement Options and Recommendations

Water quality varies widely throughout the Phalen Chain of Lakes. Gervais and Phalen Lakes typically have good water quality that meets the goals set for them. Kohlman and Keller Lakes, however, typically meet neither the preliminary water quality goals set forth in the Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District's (District's) Plan nor the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Total Maximum Daily Load guideline for phosphorus (expected to be 60 μg/L for shallow lakes), landing them on the MPCA's Impaired Waters List. However, it is not clear that either set of goals is appropriate for Kohlman or Keller Lakes in terms of the District's approach to lake management. Because of the uncertainty concerning the proper water quality goals for the Phalen Chain of Lakes, the District will be conducting a survey of lake users in 2004, as well as communicating with local agencies with the intention of establishing new water quality goals for the Phalen Chain that reflect current desires. Upon completion of this effort, this SLMP will be finalized.
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