Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District Six Lakes Total Maximum Daily Load Study

This Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study addresses eutrophication impairments for Moody Lake, Bone Lake, School Lake, Shields Lake and Comfort Lake. The study also addresses a potential eutrophication impairment for Little Comfort Lake. The drainage through this system of lakes flows from Moody Lake to Bone Lake to School Lake to Little Comfort Lake to Comfort Lake. Shields Lake flows into the un-impaired Forest Lake which flows to Comfort Lake. Thus, the Comfort Lake watershed includes the watershed of each of the other lakes. The Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) completed a water quality modeling initiative for the entire watershed district with a focus on the lakes that are used recreationally. This initiative resulted in the report: Watershed and Lake Water Quality Modeling Investigation for the Development of a Watershed Capital Improvement Plan (CLFLWD, 2007), which includes detailed information on lake water quality and provides a plan for capital improvements to improve water quality to state standards and to the water quality goals set by the watershed district. The Water Quality Modeling Investigation (CLFLWD, 2007) report provides the basis for much of the information presented in this TMDL report. This report presents the TMDLs broken out into wasteload allocation and load allocation for each of the six lakes included in the study.
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