Sunrise River Watershed Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Report

The Sunrise River Watershed is a high priority subwatershed of the St. Croix River. The waters within the Sunrise River Watershed boundary outlet to the St. Croix River near the town of Sunrise in Wild River State Park. This project will not only address the impairments within the Sunrise River Watershed, but will also aid in understanding the phosphorus loading to Lake St. Croix. Lake St. Croix was listed on the 2008 303(d) Impaired Waters List for excess phosphorus. The Sunrise River was identified as one of the greatest contributors of phosphorus and sediment to the St. Croix River (U.S. Geological Survey, 1999) and was allocated a 33% reduction in phosphorus loading by the Lake St. Croix Total Maximum Daily Load Study. Due to the geographic proximity to the Sunrise River Watershed, it was decided that the area that drains directly to the St. Croix River should be included in the protection portion of this study. This area includes Dry Creek North, Dry Creek South, Lawrence Creek, many smaller tributaries, and a few small lakes. The area is approximately seventy-nine square miles and is located in Chisago County. The area is known to be very steep and is known as The Escarpment in Chisago County.
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