Turbidity TMDL Assessment for Stony, Un-named and Getchell Creek

This report includes a turbidity TMDL for Un-named, Stony and Getchell Creek, three stream tributaries in the Sauk River Watershed River in Central Minnesota. The Sauk River Watershed lies in the heart of the North Central Hardwood Forest Ecoregion and discharges to the Upper Mississippi River. Land use in the watershed is primarily agriculture with the majority of land in corn/soybean rotations and pasture land. Un-named Creek was included on Minnesota's 2008 303(d) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) list for excess turbidity. Neither Stony nor Getchell Creeks are currently on this list but were included in this document for turbidity assessment due to the significant proportion of loading into the Sauk River from these two watersheds.
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