Lake Alexander

Lake Alexander is located eight miles north of the City of Randall in Morrison County, Minnesota. It covers 2,990 acres, which places it in the upper 5% of lakes in Minnesota in terms of size. Lake Alexander has one inlet and one outlet, which classifies it as a drainage lake. It lies in the northeastern end of the Long Prairie River Watershed. Flow leaves the west side of Lake Alexander through Thoroughfare Creek into Fishtrap Lake, then northwest through Fishtrap Creek and into the Long Prairie River which drains the watershed to the northeast. Lake Alexander has very good water quality, which could be due to the fact that it lies at the top of its watershed. Water quality data have been collected in Lake Alexander since 1993. These data show that the lake is mesotrophic (page 9). Mesotrophic lakes are commonly found in north central Minnesota and have clear water with occasional algal blooms in late summer. They are also usually good walleye lakes. The Lake Alexander Property Owners Association has been involved in numerous activities including water quality monitoring, education, Healthy Lakes Initiative. The invasive Eurasian watermilfoil plant was found in Lake Alexander in 2003. Since then, the Association has been chemically treating the plant to manage its density and spread.
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