A Community Capacity Assessment Study in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed, Minnesota

This report describes the community capacity assessment study conducted in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota. The study was conducted by the Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the MCWD. The overarching goal of the study was to assess community capacity to address water resource problems and threats along Reach 20, a highly urbanized stream segment of Minnehaha Creek. The specific study objectives were to explore local stakeholders' perspectives on (1) community assets and vulnerabilities, (2) constraints to community engagement in water resource protection and restoration, and (3) opportunities to better engage the community in water resource protection and restoration. Data were gathered through a series of in-depth interviews with 25 local stakeholders living or working in the communities of St. Louis Park, Hopkins and Edina. The study findings are organized to respond to five general research questions. The research questions along with a brief synopsis of study findings and recommendations are highlighted below.
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